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Take advantage of our full-cycle technology commercialization process so that your ideas can reach the marketplace and make our lives better.

We are located on the University of Missouri campus and our doors are open not only to faculty, staff and students at MU, but also to entrepreneurs from the community, early stage companies from around the US, and companies from overseas that are entering the US market.

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Resident Client News

Incubator News

Non-Resident Client News

Tensive Controls is awarded USDA SBIR Phase I Grant for development of its peptide antimicrobial and appetite stimulant for production animal agriculture.

NPR's Morning Edition features Monojo Ltd and Columbia Biotech . . . more

Ark Sciences in the news . . . more

Columbia Biotech in the news . . .more

Elemental Enzymes in the news . . .more

Eternogen presents its Advanced Collagen Replenishment results at IMCAS Paris . . . more

Animal Health Specialties secures FDA fee waiver for its innovative cachexia drug and is proceding with clinical trial . . . more

Medsocket selected for acceleration program at Capital Innovators in St Louis.

We welcome newest incubator client, TVAX Animal Health, who are developing cancer immunotherapy for companion animals.

We welcome new resident laboratory client - Ark Sciences, Inc. and Dr Min Wang, inventor of the company's non surgical animal castration technology . . . more

Missouri Innovation Center, receives $75,000 grant from Missouri Technology Corporation to build additional entrepreneurial capacity in Missouri under the MOBEC program . . . more

Incubator featured in National Public Radio story . . . more

University of Missouri spinoff company ImpeDx secures $3 million grant from NIH for its diagnostic test for fast and accurate detection of sepsis.

Newsy.com wins Murrow Award in the online video news documentary cataagory.

Newsy.com acquired by Scripps - to remain in Columbia . . . more


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