Assets at the University of Missouri and in Columbia:

Schools, Colleges and Centers all located at the Columbia campus of the University of Missouri

  • Medicine (and associated comprehensive hospital and clinics)
  • Veterinary Medicine (animal models for human disease; veterinary therapeutics)
  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (a world leader in plant biotechnology and bioenergy)
  • Bond Life Sciences Center (integrated biomedical, agriculture and bioenergy programs)
  • Engineering (strengths such as nanotechnology and biological engineering)
  • Arts and Science (innovations in physics and chemistry)
  • Business (resources in entrepreneurship and MBA intern availability)
  • Law (all things legal for the emerging entrepreneur)
  • Journalism (advertising and communication, modern media)
  • Nursing (innovating solutions for better patient care)
  • The Dalton Center for Cardiovascular Research (in depth expertise in microcirculation and other fields)
  • MU Research Reator (largest university reactor in the US and a major source for biomedical isotopes)

Incubator resident clients have facilitated access to resources at the University of Missouri under the incubator’s functional status as a university department.

Columbia, Missouri is a top rated college community halfway between St Louis and Kansas City - more at Regional Economic Development Inc. (REDI)



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