Eligibility, Admission and Progress Metrics:

Our incubator is intended for three types of client company: In order of priority they are:

  1. Ventures formed by faculty, staff or students of the University of Missouri;
  2. Ventures formed by entrepreneurs in the mid-Missouri community;
  3. Ventures from outside the region recruited to accelerate the development of a high tech industry cluster and expand MU's collaborations with industry.

Prospective tenant companies will be evaluated based on their business plan and their relationship with the University of MIssouri. Read our Admission and Progress Policy here.

Business Plan: Incubator managers will evaluate the business plan of an applicant in much the same way as would an investor, except that the return on the incubator's investment in a tenant company will be measured in terms of economic impacts for the region (new jobs, wealth creation, investment attracted).

University Relationship: In the case of client types 2 and 3, we will also evaluate the potential of your company for collaboration with the University of Missouri. The collaboration requirement can be satisfied in a number of ways. examples of eligible collaboration are given here.

Our incubator has many advantages as a location for nuclear medicine companies (radiopharmaceuticals and medical imaging). Companies from this industry that locate in the incubator to be close to our nuclear reactor and cyclotron facilities as sources of medical isotopes are eligible for long-term leases.

How do I apply?

Talk to us! We don't want to put you through a lot of paper work. Let's discuss what you are trying to accomplish and we will determine whether we believe that residency in our incubator can add value to your venture and thereby contribute to economic development of our region.

How long can I stay?

We have no hard and fast rule. We expect most companies to be with us from 2 - 5 years.

The guiding principal of the graduation policy is that companies will be graduated from the incubator when:

  • They cease to need, or benefit from, the incubation program,

  • They cease to need, or benefit from, an R&D relationship with the University of Missouri that is facilitated by incubator residency. 

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