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Welcome to our incubator!

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About us:

The University of Missouri, businesses, individuals, and communities of our region launched an initiative in 2004 to establish a technology business incubator to support economic development in mid-Missouri and thereby contribute to the economy of the State of Missouri as a whole. Our stakeholders, along with State and Federal government, funded the construction of the MU Life Science Business Incubator and construction began in March 2007. The incubator opened in 2009 and is located at the southern gateway to the University of Missouri campus on a site fronting South Providence Road that is part of MU Research Commons (see map).

Our mission is economic development and our overall objective is to build a technology industry cluster in mid-Missouri. We accomplish that by creating and attracting new technology ventures. Technology ventures create high-paying jobs and attract capital investment. They have a large and positive impact on the economy and quality of life in the communities where they are located.

Our facility and incubation program are operated by the Missouri Innovation Center. The Missouri Innovation Center is a non-profit organization specializing in assistance to entrepreneurial technology firms. If you become a resident client of the incubator, your lease will be with the Missouri Innovation Center.

Missouri Innovation Center is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of community and business leaders and senior representatives of University of Missouri system, colleges, and campus administration.

Read more about the Missouri Innovation Center here. Missouri Innovation Center receives funding from the Missouri Technology Corporation, the Trulaske College of Business, miscellaneous grants, fees earned for services, and rental income.

The business incubator facility is owned by the University of Missouri. Read more about the University of Missouri here.

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